4-Piece Grinder – Small

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Size: 48mm4-Piece DesignKief CollectorAluminum BuildEasy-to-Use

The 48mm 4-Piece Herbivore Grinder is discreet, functional, and smart-looking. The compact size of this herb grinder is perfect for on-the-go use, making it easy to keep in your pocket or conceal in your palm. By grinding down dry herb nuggets with a few twists of the lid, the 4-Piece Herbivore Grinder ensures efficient vaporization by expanding the surface area of your dry herb. The high-grade aluminum body and teeth are geared for grinding. A bottom compartment collects kief. The 4-Piece Herbivore Grinder comes with a felt carrying pouch and a scrape tool.


Constructed from high quality aluminum, the 48mm Herbivore Grinder is as solid as they come, which makes it a great companion for on-the-go vaping. You can drop this herb grinder without worrying about it breaking. The exceptionally small size of the 4-Piece Herbivore Grinder also makes it a discreet tool that is pocket-friendly and lightweight. Grind on-the-go with no hassle. Carry the grinder with out anywhere in the included felt pouch without worrying about blowing your cover. The 48mm Herbivore Grinder is a stealthy, solid, and effective companion for vaping on-the-go.


The 48mm Herbivore Grinder effectively grinds herb down to finer granules and kief with high grade aluminum teeth. By creating more surface area for heat to touch, the 4-Piece Herbivore Grinder enables thorough vaporization that creates smoother, more potent, and flavor-rich vapor. There is more space in each bowl for hot air or surfaces to vaporize, extracting more from each load. In just a few twists, your load of dry herb will be prepared for vaporization.




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